Cookies policy

What do cookies mean?


We want to provide you with better services. That is why we use cookies on our website. These are small files that store information in your browser. They are not infected or dangerous in any way. They are mainly used to distinguish individual users. Cookies are mainly used for:


  • can ensure the proper functioning of our site so that the purchase process can be completed with the least difficulty;
  • you remember your login details so you don't have to enter them every time;
  • based on your preferences, we can best tailor the offer to you;
  • This way, we don't always show you the same ad when you browse the site.
  • traffic analysis.


What do we not find out of the cookies?


We do not identify you. Cookies are sufficiently anonymous. You do not have to worry about your personal data or your security.


What cookies do we use?


We offer two types of cookies, which you can also get on all other websites. Biscuits with short and long shelf life. Short-term, so-called "Session cookies" are only temporary and remain in the browser until you close it. Long-term, so-called "Persistent cookies" remain stored on the device for longer or until you manually delete them (the time the cookie is left on your device depends on the settings of the cookie itself and your browser settings).


In terms of the function that individual cookies perform, we divide them into:


  • conversions that allow you to analyze the performance of different sales channels;
  • tracking, which in combination with conversion helps to analyze the performance of different sales channels;
  • remarketing, designed to personalize ad content and target it properly;
  • analytics that help increase the user comfort of a website by understanding how users use it;
  • basic, aimed at better user navigation. These are important for the basic functionality of the site.


Some cookies may collect information, such as anonymous website traffic analysis, which is then used by third parties, and cookies that e.g. directly support advertising activities (so-called "third-party cookies"). For example, information about products purchased by visitors to our site may be displayed in an ad so that we can better customize the display of online banner ads on the websites you view. However, this information cannot identify you.


Don't want to use cookies?

Here's how to turn them off


The use of cookies can be set in your internet browser. Most browsers automatically accept them by default. Cookies can be declined or only some of them can be set to be used. You can find information about browsers and how to set preferences for cookies on the following websites


Internet Explorer
An effective cookie management tool is also available at

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